Distributors and Retailers

If you are a distributor or retailer looking for a high quality outdoor furniture collection to add to your range then Akula could be the company for you.

Our collections are designed to look great, be straightforward to sell, and are supported by an exceptional level of personal sales support by our small and dedicated team, ensuring that you can maximise your return and deliver exceptional products to your customers.

  • Quality – Our products are premium quality without the premium price tag. Because we are a lean organisation with short supply chains and careful stock management we can keep our retail prices low while maintaining exceptional quality.
  • Margins – Our distributor/retail margins are excellent. We take your return on investment as seriously as you do.
  • Marketing support – We can tailor the level and nature of our support to your individual needs. Work with us and together we will deliver a range of activity to drive business to your door.
  • Sales support – We assign a senior member of the team to each distributor or retail partner, guaranteeing that you are talking to a person who can make decisions and support you quickly and efficiently.
  • Product innovation and design – Our product design is industry leading, ensuring that our collections consistently stand out from the crowd. Additionally, because of the level of bespoke activity we undertake, we are continually innovating and developing our range to keep ahead of the competition at all times.
  • Product range – our team are experts in the hospitality and retail segments, and our product design has been driven by a desire to supply a range of collections which will deliver on the needs of this exacting audience.

To find out more about being a retailer or distributor, email tim@akulaliving.com or call +44(0) 1937 862 705

We will be happy to discuss our range, our levels of support, and why our warranty is second to none in the industry today.

Akula supplies a range of commercial outdoor furniture for discerning customers worldwide. We are one of the world’s leading outdoor furniture manufacturer.