We use only the finest quality materials in our design and manufacture process, from the world’s leading brands, which is one of the reasons we can offer an industry leading 5 year warranty.

  • Our wicker is waterproof and fade resistant, it doesn’t snap unravel or snag. In addition it’s recyclable, making it a long term sustainable resource.
  • Our table tops are weatherproof, stain resistant and easy to maintain, they are scratch resistant and easy to maintain
  • All the fabrics we use are UV resistant, easy to clean and resistant to fading and damage.
  • Our aluminium is triple powder coated and we pay particular attention to the quality of our welds, ensuring long term strength and durability.
  • At every stage of the design process we ensure our products will live up to our warranty, so, for example on our Meridian sunloungers the wheel is part of the frame, reducing the potential for damage through regular use.

Trespa Meteon HPL

Since its founding in 1960 Trespa Trespa LogoInternational B.V. has been a leading innovator of architectural materials. Trespa® Meteon ® is a decorative high-pressure compact laminate with an integral surface, manufactured using Trespa’s unique in-house technologies, Electron Beam Curing and Dry Forming. The blend of up to 70% wood-based fibres and thermosetting resins, manufactured under high pressures and temperatures, yields a highly stable, dense panel with excellent strength-to-weight ratios.

To find out more visit the Trespa website.

HPL is a decorative High-Pressure compact laminate, which gives us highly stable and completely weather-proof table tops – perfect for outdoor dining. Highly stain resistant, easy to maintain and clean, and its excellent strength to weight ratio makes it perfect for any table top.

Twitchell Textilene

Twitchell LogoSince 1922, the Twitchell® name has represented quality in yarns and fabrics across a multitude of industries. Today, they have grown into a multinational manufacturer of some of the world’s most innovative fibres, textiles and coatings. Twitchell® Textilene is used exclusively on all our chairs and loungers where sling is featured. We use this for its durability values and its aesthetic traits with fabulous design and colour. Being totally impervious to water, it is perfectly suited to outdoor lounging.

To find out more visit the Twitchell website.

There are a huge range of options, colours and finishes available, which we can use for custom designs, you can see the wider range here.

Commonly known as “sling”, textilene is a high strength polyester yarn coated with PVC, so its totally impervious to water and temperature fluctuations. It has a very high UV resistance and its simple construction, decorative appearance and its versatility and comfort make it perfect for outdoor settings. Maintenance is minimal and it looks just as good on a dining chair as it does on a complete sofa set, so it’s easy to give a terrace a consistency of appearance and style across dining, lounging and relaxing pieces.

Serge Ferrari Stamskin

Serge Ferrari Logo

Serge Ferrari Stamskin is our material of choice on our luxurious Tuscany range. Again, there are many “pretenders” when it comes to outdoor leather. We have gone directly to the very best when specifying our products. Beware of pale imitations! The Serge Ferrari Group® have enjoyed long and prosperous growth within the flexible composite material sector, and their constant technical progress has kept them at the forefront of Research & Development since their humble beginnings in 1973. The Stamskin cloth gives this composite material great flexibility, while ensuring its excellent deformation resistance. Watertight and solution-dyed, it is multilayer coating guarantees its durability and resistance to wear and tear.

To find out more visit the Serge Ferrari website.

There are a huge range of options, colours and finishes available, which we can use for custom designs, you can see the wider range here.

We have a number of videos, demonstrating the properties of this exceptional material, and how to clean it, here.

Stamskin is a composite material widely known as “outdoor leather”. Originally designed for upholstery on luxury yachts, it has a heritage of looking good even through the extremes of outdoor conditions. It gives a look and feel of luxury to any outdoor setting. Its watertight and solution dyed, so it will carry on looking great for years. Highly resistant to wear and tear, its durability is legendary. Maintenance is very simple. Looks great, feels great, carries on looking good for years.


Sunbrella LogoCushions are a major part of the feel of luxury in outdoor living – many of our competitors compromise their product by the use of inferior covers for their cushions. Not Akula …  Sunbrella® is a name synonymous with quality fabrics, which, with their strong and elegant design, are proven to give worry free outdoor living. Their reputation for durability and weather beating properties is so widely recognised that Sunbrella® fabrics are used on yachts and awnings worldwide. The fabrics come in a wide range of colours and are all resistant to fading, tearing, staining, mould and mildew. Importantly, Sunbrella® is also shower proof and 100% machine washable.

To find out more visit the Sunbrella website.

Sunbrella Fabrics are available in a wide range of colours – while we manufacture our standard range in a specific colour palette, we are able to special order in a much wider range (subject to minimum order quantities). You can see some of the available colours – here.

Sunbrella is widely recognized as world leader in robust and decorative outdoor fabrics, from marine to garden uses, they have thought of everything. Its construction makes it highly resistant to fading, staining, mould & mildew. Sunbrella fabrics are shower proof and 100% machine washable. Soft and luxurious to the touch, a Sunbrella covering adds a touch of class to any cushion

Rehau Raucord

Rehau LogoRehau Raucord® is the material of choice used exclusively by Akula for our woven/rattan ranges. It has been developed using the wealth of knowledge accumulated since polymer processing began in 1948. It is a quality high-density polymer material, which has a wide number of advantages over its natural counterpart, Rattan. It is waterproof, colourfast, highly UV-resistant, virtually maintenance free, has a high tensile strength and is environmentally friendly. Perfect for use in all outdoor settings.

A High Density Polymer, thru-dyed and extruded into weave form, Which means the colour runs all the way through, so the inevitable little knocks and scrapes that happen in every day life won’t detract from its attractive appearance.  Rehau is waterproof, colour-fast,  and highly UV-resistant.  Even better for living with, its virtually maintenance free. Rehau has an extremely environmentally friendly production process, and is 100% recyclable.

To find out more visit the Rehau website.

There are a huge range of options, colours and finishes available, which we can use for custom designs, you can see the wider range here.


Olefin is a manmade fibre that is typically used along with other fibres to create outdoor fabric blends. It is often used in outdoor furniture and for a variety of other applications, including house wrap, marine coverings and clothing. Depending on its chemical structure, olefin may also be referred to as polyethylene or polypropylene. It is manufactured in a similar manner as polyester and nylon. The chemicals used are melted and fed through a shower-head-like device called a spinneret head to form long fibres.

Olefin typically has a smooth texture and is usually solution-dyed. It is a durable fabric that dries quickly and is resistant to weathering, chemicals, stains and mildew.


Tiger tigermanufacture powder coatings and inks that add value to our customers’ products; protection, function, color, effect, gloss and texture.

There are a huge range of options, colours and finishes available, which we can use for custom designs, you can see the wider range here.



Akula supplies a range of contract outdoor furniture for discerning customers worldwide. We are one of the world’s leading outdoor furniture manufacturers.