Product Testing

Product Testing – ensuring premium quality for years to come

To ensure that our products look great now and stay looking great we put them all through an extensive, all-encompassing testing process.

By working closely with our team of engineers we can ensure that wherever you put our furniture, be it 5 star resort, beachside, outside dining area or private garden, it will stay comfortable, clean and looking stylish for years to come.

Our testing process covers:

Salt Fog Exposure

salt fog testEach product is put through extensive periods in a salt fog generator to simulate years of exposure to misty, damp, coastal conditions.

This test simulates our products being exposed to sea salt and spray over a number of years so that you can be confident that they will carry on looking great no matter where you put them.

UV Radiation and Sunlight Testing

UV exposure testTo test resistance to UV radiation and sunlight, we use a high intensity UV machine.

We start by using the finest quality materials which are guaranteed to be UV resistant but our constant testing process ensures that this standard is maintained.

Because of this you can leave our chairs outside in the baking sun day in and day out and the material will retain its integrity, colour, and quality.

Stress Testing – Operations

load testStress testing – each product is stress tested through thousands of operations. Our machines lean chairs back on their legs to simulate standing and sitting, the loading and unloading of tables as well as heavy long term use.

To ensure that we can be confident in the longevity of our furniture each chair passes through more than 50,000 sitting motions at a speed of 15 per minute as well as 100kg load testing on the seat base and 25kg on the seat back.

To make matters tougher 25kg weights are then repeatedly dropped on the seat and back from a height of 1 metre to simulate heavy use, over a prolonged period.

This extreme testing pushes the product to its limits, experiencing wear which it would be unlikely to be subjected to in the real world

All this is designed to give the customer peace of mind, and we are so confident in our products ability to delight in this respect, that we back them with an industry leading warranty, to find out more fill in your details below and we will get in touch with the details.

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