What Makes Akula Different?

Outdoor furniture has to withstand:

Extreme, heavy duty usage for at least 5 years – We all know that customers won’t treat your furniture as if it was their own. The usage of an average piece of home furniture is always going to be far less intense. Our ranges are built to withstand being dragged around, jumped on by children and generally mistreated.

Wind and Sand – Sand is hugely corrosive and abrasive, particularly when it gets into every fold and joint. Our furniture is built to withstand it, day in day out.

Sea Water – this corrodes most products rapidly, you need a highly specialised supplier – like us – to withstand it for long periods. Everything from the materials to the metal legs will suffer if not designed properly.

Rain – all outdoor furniture needs to be able to get wet, be easy to clean, and then dry quickly so customers can get back on them. Our cushions are designed to dry quickly and repel moisture where necessary. Moisture can encourage mould and mildew, particularly in warm climates and will rapidly spoil the look of your outdoor space.

Chlorinated Water – Day in day out or furniture gets soaked in chlorinated water, which can, on some of our competitors, cause fading and stains.

Snow – Since our furniture sits outside all year round, it has to withstand both extreme heat and extreme cold. Freezing, snow and pollutants can all cause stains and damage, but not on our ranges

UV Resistant / Anti-Fade – Our ranges are designed to stay outside all day, without fading in the sun. To make it worse since every item of furniture is usually in a different position, they all get different amounts of sunlight. So, over a few years where our competitor’s product will fade, and discolour the materials on our range will remain colour fast. looking great for years.

High quality, long lasting outdoor furniture cannot be bought on price alone – which is why we combine an exceptional price structure with exceptional quality and longevity.



Many people ask us what makes our products different, well the best way to answer that question is to look at what can happen to other people’s product.

Other people’s product frays, it discolours, it chips, it won’t stand up to harsh conditions, ours is designed to look great, and stay looking great for years to come.

So, want to know what makes our product different, then have a look at some of the images below.

Poor quality weave won’t retain its colour, the colours fade and change over time.
If it’s not been made properly, the loops pull and stretch out of shape
Some weaves will show up a wide range of colours.
If it hasn’t been finished properly, then the legs in particular can come undone.
Feet, which are areas of heavy wear, can start to unravel if made poorly.
Sometimes the ends are just snipped off and left rough.
Discolouration can become very severe, particularly where the weave overlaps.
Bands of colour can appear over time and look very unsightly.
It’s important that the weave is finished well, that it is tight and that care and attention is taken, otherwise the ends can become loose.
In extreme cases the weave can wear through to its core.
Sling can get very discoloured and shoddy over time.
Mould can grow where water has collected
It no longer looks as high quality as it once did
Water damage can become extremely unsightly.