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Innovative Wood Look Furniture


At Akula, we always try to exceed expectations, whether it be in service, quality or innovation. Faux wood is one area where our design team has been improving manufacturing techniques to produce finished product that looks like natural wood, but without the maintenance issues associated with it.


Trespa is a highly durable high-pressure laminate (HPL), normally used for table tops. Innovations in finishes mean that you can now have a "wood look" but with all the benefits of HPL.

Aluminium Finishes

Innovative in finishes can be applied to aluminium which mean that we can now produce outdoor furniture frames and tables which are light, moveable, and durable, but look like solid wood.


Used for table tops, chair slats and visual enhancements, polywood is a non-porous composite material that looks and feels like high-quality natural wood,is incredibly durable, it won’t crack or splinter, is UV resistant, environmentally friendly, and most importantly it doesn’t “age”. All our polywood are dyed through, making them anti-scratch, anti-mould and anti-mildew. In fact, we are so confident in this new product that we’d challenge you to know the difference between faux and natural wood.

If you are looking for outdoor furniture and have a design, give us a "shout out" and we will see what we can produce in faux wood.

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