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Outdoor furniture - Heavy weight division


The issue with outdoor furniture being blown around is becoming a real problem in windy resorts or roof top terraces. Only this year a tourist was seriously injured in NYC by a piece of furniture blown off an elevated terrace. Whilst this is tragic, it means that if your installation is in a windy or elevated area you should be specifying weighted furniture.

Generally we weight furniture by using solid aluminium rather than tubular aluminium in its construction. This means we can double the weight of our aluminium framed products, taking a typical sling sun lounger from circa 13kg to 27kg, and an aluminium dining chair from around 5kg -10kg. Weighted, these products become suitable for windy conditions.

The weighting of furniture takes it from “standard product” to “custom product”. We can weight virtually anything – we just need time. If you need weighted furniture quicker than the time iit takes to produce customs then there are a few ranges, such as Newport and Cube, that are quite heavy in their original form. If you have any questions about weighting, please get in touch.

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