• Newport Collection dining inspiration

    Mix and match

Create a look, uniquely yours

Finding pieces from different collections that complement each other is a great way to create a unique look. 

With a spirited mix of colours, materials, textures and shapes, our Akula collection pieces can work perfectly together to form a dynamic design.

Need some inspiration on what styles work together? Here are some ideas on how to mix and match your outdoor space.


Choosing Your Colour Carefully

Using a consistent color throughout all of the pieces to help the items “speak” to one another and achieve a cohesive look. 

Switch Rope Lounge Chair
Switch Rope 2.5m Seater
Icon Barstool
Easy Fit High Pouf
Selecta high dining table

Make use of shapes

Look for pieces that have similar shapes so that even though they might have different styles, they still match. 

Newport Armchair
Newport Counter Stool
Icon Dining Table
Metris Party Table

Mastering the Mix of Materials

By balancing the different materials you will form a space with lots of personality and plenty of interest.  A teak and aluminium mix will create a look that is bold but also pleasingly mellow. 

Alexa Round Dining Table
Diamond Dining Armchair
Random 2.5 Seater Sofa
Random Dining Armchair
Random rectangular Coffee Table

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